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The Session ‘Seis de Mayo’

Join us as we continue the celebration of Mexico’s defeat over France back in 1862. First on the agenda is tequila… I mean entertainment and the NFL Draft. Also, Wizards fever has taken over the show.

Our first show since the guys attended UFC 172 – get you caught up on that more MMA w/ our expert Jon Wheaton.

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The Session podcast 1/28/2014

January 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Plenty of happenings in the world of The Session this week with Mitch and Rob. First it’s Super Bowl week, which is totally depressing because it signals the end of football. We have what we consider a full deck with TM Powell providing his entertainment expertise and Jon Wheaton doing the same with mixed martial arts. When you add our producer, Noodle, you can do no wrong… right?

Entertainment to MMA we have all the bases covered.

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The Session ‘New Year’

January 14, 2014 Leave a comment

With out further delay we present our first show of 2014. We blend in entertainment and sports into three segments.

Segment 1 – ‘Enter the Session’ for the latest in entertainment.

Segment 2 – ‘Not Necessarily Sports’ is our chance to talk about the football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more (especially with the Olympics on the horizon)

Segment 3 – ‘Total Beat Down’ which features our analysis of all things mixed martial arts.

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The Session “Weak 1”

September 10, 2013 Leave a comment

While we watched our NFL teams lose this weekend our MMA expert, Jon Wheaton, successfully defended his Florida state title! At least somebody had that winning feeling!!! Tune in for the latest in sports and entertainment. We are live 9-11 every Tuesday night. Call in to be part of the show at 347.838.8764. Click here to listen live or to the replay.


The Session “April Fool”

April 2, 2013 1 comment

We are back in full force after our spring break vacations from the show. Plenty to discuss as movies are finally getting more enticing, baseball is back, March Madness is taking over, and MMA is heating up. Give us a call at 347.838.8764. Click here to listen live or to the replay.


The Session “Malfunction”

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s a busy week in our world as we bring you our thoughts on the Academy Awards, UFC’s first women’s bout, NFL Combine, and much more. Check out our fanpage on Facebook and follow us on twitter. Give us a call at 347.838.8764 to be part of the show. Click here to listen live or to the replay.

Jenn lawrence

The Session “Meteoric Rise”

February 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Give our latest podcast a listen as we have the full gang ready to go. Meteors, arm-bars, ACL’s.. you name it we have it. From the Oscars to UFC 157 we provide a wide variety of content. Entertainment, sports and MMA. Give us a call to be part of the show at 347.838.8764. Click here to listen live or to the replay.


The Session “Lent and Let Live”

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

This post will link you to our podcast “The Session.”  We are a group with many interests so we break the show into three segments of entertainment, sports, and more sports.. specifically MMA.   We can always go off topic if needed so give us a call at 347.838.8764 and become part of the show.  We broadcast live every Tuesday at 9pm.  Click here to listen live or to the replay on

Louis Armstrong

The Session – podcast

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

We have now officially hit the dead zone in movies and sports. We shall recap the Ravens Superbowl victory, update on all things UFC, and bash overrated movie stars. All in a good days work here at The Session. Be part of the show and give us a call at 347.838.8764. Click here to listen live or to the replay.

Jose Aldo

“I Still Care,” says Mitch Rogers

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

It seems to be a monthly occurrence that we hear the latest performance enhancing drug (PED) abuse story. The ongoing saga in sports continues with Lance Armstrong’s admission to doping after being stripped of all seven Tour de France titles. We also witnessed the Baseball Hall of Fame snub the likes of Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa who are all allegedly key participants in the “Steroid Era” that forever will plague Major League Baseball.

While these stories are making national headlines and are covered by every major news outlet, sports or otherwise, the public seemingly has a “laissez-faire” attitude towards the subject of PED’s. This is in stark contrast to the perception we had over five years ago when we labeled them as cheaters and liars. This was best described when the great sports historian Frank Deford compared Olympic cheaters to terrorists in the late ‘80’s.

Looking back to my childhood I remember the first instance steroid abuse was introduced to my world of Transformers and G.I. Joes. The year was 1988 and was the first Olympic Games this 10 year old would remember. The headlining story going into the summer games in Seoul, Korea was Carl Lewis defending his gold medals and record breaking performances at the 1984 games in Los Angeles. The most popular and most important event to Lewis and the nation was the 100m race. I remember watching this race only to view a stunning upset by Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson over Lewis. As we know this result was as fake as the Canadian version of bacon. (It’s just ham!!!) Johnson tested positive for anabolic steroids and introduced us to the words Stanozolol and Winstrol.

The public sentiment mirrored that of the national media as we labeled all athletes that abuse steroids to be cheaters and liars, done deal.

Or so we thought…


What happens when the cheater isn’t a Canadian?

What if Florence Griffith Joyner tested positive at the same games where there was wide speculation she cheated?

Better yet; what happens when these abuses are rampant in the sports we see daily, not every four years?

In a sense Johnson ‘let the cat out of the bag’ as we saw a correlation to all major sports, especially college and pro football. Brian Bosworth became the poster-boy for anabolic steroids abuse as he was suspended in college and the NFL during his career. I still hold hopes that Bo Jackson ran up that center-field wall in Kansas City clean as a whistle.

What we saw when the NFL players started to be scrutinized is the first push back from the public and media that maybe steroids aren’t so bad when taken by grown men who are portraying gladiators on the field.

A few years later we were unknowingly witnessing the “Steroid Era” of baseball as we saw the likes of Brady Anderson eclipse the 50 homerun mark and Barry Bonds’ head swell up like a hot-air balloon. We saw the public grow furious as the national pastime was being corrupted from the minors to the majors. The outcry from the nation was unanimous as Congress became involved to stem this corruption from affecting the youth of our country.

big-head-barry-bonds-clear  Since then we have been inundated with countless confessions, positive tests, various “reports”, congressional mandates, etc… We have developed a punch drunk philosophy to these stories and they don’t resonate like before. We are losing our sensitivity to the severity of this epidemic in sports.

In a recent poll done by the Washington Post 47% responded to a poll asking if the use of PED’s bothers you by professional athletes with ‘Not much/ not at all.’

Half the nation doesn’t care if our athletes, who some kids idolize, are sticking syringes in their asses and blood doping!?

This is shown by the reaction to the Lance Armstrong confession with most being concerned with every other aspect of the story except for the PED usage. Don’t get me wrong the Livestrong angle and the fact he destroyed people’s lives are the major story lines, but, we can’t gloss over the admitted doping charges because we are sick of the story.

It is vital that we still care about our athletes cheating to gain an advantage. It cannot be lost on our children that working hard is the ONLY way to get ahead in life. It is irresponsible to brush this off with the “everybody’s doing it” argument that we have seen rise in the baseball community in regards to the “Steroids Era.”

My worry is we are raising the next generation to believe that cheating is acceptable and necessary to compete on the highest levels, and not just in sports.