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The art of getting “Tebowed”

I have put on a good face since the Steelers inexplicable loss to the 8-8 Denver Broncos. Normal post- playoff loss form has taken shape as I have ramped up my college basketball viewing and decreased my ESPN and NFL Network coverage for this week. I will eventually get over it and immerse into the remaining playoff run…. Again all a normal process once my team ‘exits stage left’ from the playoffs.

What keeps running through my mind is “How the f*%k did I get to this point… or how is Steelers’ Nation sitting idle watching the remaining playoffs.” “How did we let a team on a three game losing streak with an 8-8 record roll into the next round against the Patriots?”
Is the answer as simple as being “Tebowed?”

The answer to that question is a resounding YES!

Being tebowed isn’t an act of divine intervention… news flash… God could give a shit about professional football. Being tebowed is a combination of a quarterback maturing at his position and defenses adjusting to the college style spread-option offense. The Steelers, after watching the game plan from the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs, decided to emulate man-on-man coverage and crowd the box to stop the run. The problem is John Fox and staff adjusted accordingly and created a plan to counteract that style allowing their young quarterback to “pull the trigger,” a request made by his boss, John Elway. The results were extraordinary as the Broncos took advantage and hit deep passes, none bigger than the first play of overtime (which was an illegal play as only six men were on the line of scrimmage… HOMER ALERT).

Now don’t get me wrong there is a sort of “It” factor in his play. And I am a firm believer that some athletes have an inexplicable attribute to their repertoire that slaps the status quo in the face. A quality that proves that you can’t be an expert of the game by simply watching it on tape, or covering it your entire life for Sports Illustrated.

The coverage of Tim Tebow is very similar to Ben Roethlisberger in his first few seasons. Despite all of his success in the playoffs or last second comebacks, it was always the defense or the running game that was considered the key to Big Ben’s success. What was always focused on was that he had that “It” factor. This is the function to win games in the mighty NFL without putting up Tom Brady’s statistics. These competitors are able to make the tackle against the Indianapolis Colts to advance in the playoffs to an eventual Superbowl victory. Or in a season where your calling card is last second plays, to be able to answer the call and lead your team to an overtime victory over the Steelers.

I am still standing firm that Tebow has to drastically improve his throwing motion and accuracy. There isn’t another quarterback that has the luxury of throwing without safeties deep in the NFL (worst game plan ever Dick Lebeau!). The NFL will adjust to this college style offense and Tebow will have to learn the art of his position. What I am conceding at this point is he will make the adjustments and be the Broncos quarterback of the future. While defenses are adjusting to the era of 5,000 yard quarterbacks, teams like the Broncos with a run first attitude will take advantage and be contenders each year.

Despite my attempt to cancel football in the last podcast of ‘The Session,’ the NFL playoffs continue even while James Harrison tweets to the world from his sofa.

… prepare for my next post of ‘Degenerate’s Corner’ which will quickly give you some rooting interests. “Straight cash homey!”

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